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The last months we worked hard to update our website to the newest standard. We deleted the old fashioned flash games and replaced them with new and interesting games that will also work when flash files will not.

We hope you like our new site and we wish you a lot of fun and entertainment.

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Gathering Platformer is a game in which you control a circular Hero. Move, jump, collect keys, avoid different obstacles and try to reach the goal!
Touch the arrow on screen or use “WAD” or arrow keys on keyboard to control the Hero.

Better move quick, because this exciting challenge is coming at you fast.

Get ready for Jewels Blitz 3, the successor of the addictive puzzle game saga! In hundreds of levels you need to match shiny gems of the same type to make them vanish and cause massive chain reactions! Use cool boosters to get out of tricky situations, and climb your way up the saga map to increasingly difficult levels! Dive deep into the maya temple, and try to solve its secrets and mysteries. Play Jewels Blitz 3 now for free, and you will find fun and challenges for many hours to come!

Zuma on the Lost Island. Shoot marbles into the chain and connect 3 or more of the same marbles. Remove all marbles before they reach the exit. Click/tap on the shooter to change the color.

Click on the other cannon to change the cannon.

If you like Diamond Dash games and also space adventures, then Bubble Shooter : Galaxy Defense is the perfect game for you. Take control of a gigantic canon and clear space of the different pieces of armament left by past alien armies.
Show your superiority through two game modes. In the Time Trial Mode, you have two minutes to earn the biggest score while in the survival mode, you must reach an ever growing score. Make chains of bubbles of the same color.Until where will you be able to go?

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