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The last months we worked hard to update our website to the newest standard. We deleted the old fashioned flash games and replaced them with new and interesting games that will also work when flash files will not.

We hope you like our new site and we wish you a lot of fun and entertainment.

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Gathering Platformer is a game in which you control a circular Hero. Move, jump, collect keys, avoid different obstacles and try to reach the goal!
Touch the arrow on screen or use “WAD” or arrow keys on keyboard to control the Hero.

In Gold Mine it is your task to help the beardy miner dig for treasures. Combine at least 2 blocks of the same type to remove them from the field and earn points. The more blocks you clear at once, the higher the score. Grab your pickaxe and start digging!

Tap spin to play. Pay out table shows winnings. Increase winning chances by increasing numbers of winning lines from 1-5. _Increase pay outs by increasing the bet from 1-10 credits. Collect chests and fortune wheels in any of the bet lines, to fill up the meter and get a chance at the mini games. Try Pirate Slots.

How fast can you complete the puzzles in this exciting online game?

Hex Zen is a cool puzzle game in which you need to place the hexagonal pieces so that they perfectly fill the empty spaces.

There are 3 difficulty settings that you can choose; the harder the setting the more pieces you need to fill. Match every one of them carefully to avoid shape that you can’t fit at the end. You can always restart if you get stuck.

Good luck!

Grab a rope and swing through the heights of the most prestigious city around the globe! Be careful not to hit the ground though or your bold journey will to come to a very sudden and permanent end!

Play Fly With Rope now for free and enjoy 15 levels full of fun and challenges!

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